Why does fall golf offer an exceptional experience?

Why does fall golf offer an exceptional experience?

Fall is a beautiful time of the year to play golf and take advantage of the sunny off-season days to indulge in your favorite sport! You can experience Summerlea’s golf course and extensive facilities by becoming a member of the club. It is the perfect place for an outdoor family activity in the fall.

The advantages of fall golf

There are many interesting aspects of fall golf, the main ones being :

  • Golf courses are an ideal location to admire and fully enjoy the magnificent fall colors.
  • The greens are in pristine condition at this time of the year.
  • Availability: there is much less traffic on the course since many leisure golfers have put away their clubs for the season. You can benefit from easy tee access and faster rounds (games usually played in less than 4.5 hours).
  • Take advantage of attractive packages to play for less. Many golf clubs are offering great fall rates. Now is the perfect time to discover new courses.
  • Play for fun! Having fun, perfecting your swing or trying new techniques, fall golf lends you this opportunity without any pressure on results. A great time to prepare for next season!
  • This is the ideal time to test new equipment. Indeed, many manufacturers are releasing new products at the end of the summer for this very reason.
  • Don't be afraid of the cold. These days, there are many choices of clothes designed especially for golfing in cooler weather (layers, winter gloves, etc.) that don’t hinder your movement and are so effective at keeping your body warm and toasty.

Summerlea entrance at autumnThe advantages of becoming a Summerlea member in the fall

In addition to the benefits listed above, Summerlea Golf and Country Club offers you the opportunity to become a member of its club for the fall season for free, simply by making a deposit now toward your membership for next season. Membership prices are very attractive and allow you to discover the beauty of the club, its friendly atmosphere and its fantastic facilities.

By being a member of Summerlea, you and your family can fully enjoy an exceptional golf experience (36 holes of championship golf), an inviting clubhouse and locker room, a prestigious golf shop (renowned for its large selection of equipment, accessories and clothing), a superb restaurant, access to the swimming pool and relaxing pool area, and special member activities BBQs, dinners and events.

Summerlea offers many membership options such as family packages, couples golf, junior golf, Twilight and Trial golf. You’ll certainly find the formula that best meets your needs.

Being a member of Summerlea also means having access to a prime location and an enchanting setting, with river or golf course view, for a brunch or dinner with family and friends alike, prepared by our talented chefs.

Admire the magnificent fall colors in a setting known for its incredible scenery!

Introduce your kids to the fun of golf with the excellent youth programs on offer.

Don't hesitate any longer…this fall, become a member of the Summerlea Golf and Country Club!!


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