Golf and Business: A Winning Combination!

Golf and Business: A Winning Combination!

Closing a sale on a golf course, is that a cliché or a proven method? Based on current trends, golf courses have a bright future! Long reserved for the elite, this sport is becoming increasingly popular and, over the last few years, has proven a valuable way to spend time with business partners rather than an opportunity to sign a contract.

The virtues of golf are not only professional, but also physical. Discover how the combination of golf and business allows you to find the perfect balance between effectiveness, opportunity, and physical activity.

Having an easy contact with business leaders

Although golf is increasingly breaking its image of a stuffy and inaccessible sport, it remains largely the privilege of management, if not upper management. Participating in a golf game therefore means meeting strategic decision-makers. If your conversational techniques are solid and your swing is adequate, you should create successful business connections.

Developing, maintaining and retaining your network

On the course, in a relaxed atmosphere, discussions are quicker and more direct: your partners and clients get to know your services and the added value you provide. On your side, you answer their questions, offer them new insights, and gain new contracts! Through a non-routine activity, you create rich and tangible relationships that you must maintain, needless to say. But do you realize how much this contact benefits you?  In one day, you can meet and captivate people, maintain constructive communications, and build your relationships for the future.

For business, but also for pleasure

While “work” is the watchword, remember that you are also there to enjoy yourself and have fun. Playing, setting goals, challenging your golf partners, improving your performance…everyone is on an equal footing and the game fosters a “healthy competition”. Obviously, not everyone will have the same level of proficiency, but you can always find compromises in the sport to make sure new golfers fully enjoy their experience. No one is left on the sidelines, that’s the number 1 rule in golf!

Promoting discussions

In the business world, golf is not only a sport, it is a facilitator. In a relaxing environment, discussions are less formal and constrained and enable your clients or partners to widen their perspective or envision new avenues. 

Meeting the people behind the target

Whether an existing or prospective client, you are first and foremost creating a personal relationship; one that is based on trust and built through conversations that relaxed but decisive. The time spent on the green will give your more information on that person’s character and vision than a huge number of emails can!

Don’t forget to respect the rules of etiquette

There is no doubt that golf and business are a winning combination, but there are some principles that need to be respected. First, ensure that everyone is comfortable with playing! Then, provide any dress code requirements to avoid embarrassment, the basic rules (for beginning golfers), and a relaxed, but professional attitude.  Then end the day with an invitation to the restaurant, for a great finish.

Finally, avoid discussing only business matters: during the game, your main objective is to build a long-term relationship, not to sell. Let your client feel free to bring up any topics but on your side, keep corporate discussions for after the game.

Golf is a fun AND profitable activity and Summerlea Golf Club is the place to make it all happen! Let the Summerlea team inform you about corporate membership opportunities that you can help YOU improve your business relationships. 




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