Two superb courses

Graham Cooke, an internationally renowned golf course architect, has succeeded in
creating courses entirely planted with bent grass that stand out for their balanced mix of
modern and traditional requirements. The Arizona course is typical of courses in the
Arizona desert, each hole requiring precision shots (target golf). The Carolina course is
distinguished by its traditional style and its 18 holes offering strategic challenges.
Whether you choose to play either of these two courses, you will enjoy a unique
experience. Both courses have recently been remodelled to follow modern trends for the
enjoyment of golfers.


Driving range

A driving range of over 300 yards (275 m) with several targets at different distances that offers golf enthusiasts of all calibres the opportunity to practise. A tee-off area of approximately 32,000 square feet (3,000 m2) offers golfers one of the most beautiful and spacious driving ranges in Quebec.

Practice Greens

Three practice greens of over 15,000 square feet (1,400 m2) have been created, each with curves similar to the greens found on the courses. These three greens are located near the clubhouse.

Practice hole

A 75 yard (68.5 m) practice hole with two bunkers and a practice green located nearby allows golfers to improve all the shots needed for a good round of golf.

Valet Services

Car   24 $
Truck 26 $
Truck (large) 30 $

Let us take care of your vehicle while you relax on the golf course!

All treatments offered for your vehicle are performed by qualified technicians.

Aesthetic services for your vehicle offered by our valet service.

Package prices offered on many services!

For all details on our services, please contact Alexandre Murray, head of valet service: 450-477-7280, extension 242 or 249


Cleaning of dress shoes 2 $ per person
Golf shoe rental 15 $ per person
Change of spikes 20 $ per pair of shoes
Ironing service 5 $ per piece of clothing



Groups and clinics
Locker preparation
(name on the locker
with towels inside)
2 $ per person
Cleaning of dress shoes 2 $ per person
Cleaning of golf shoes 2 $ per person
For all 3 services 5 $ per person
+ rental at 8 $
Golf shoe rental 15 $ per person


These services are also available:

Change of insoles, change of laces, shoe rack, shoe trees (shoe shape)

For more information, contact Lyne Dilio at 450-477-7280 extension 233

Etiquette and SAFETY

Etiquette on the courses


Courtesy and good manners allow everyone to fully enjoy their day.

  • Replace your divots.
  • Smooth out any marks in the bunkers with the rake provided for this purpose.
  • Stand at a safe distance from the golfer making his shot.
  • Wait until the players in front of you are far enough ahead of you before playing.
  • Refrain from moving or talking when a golfer is about to play.
  • Discreetly prepare for your next shot while the other players play theirs so that you're ready when your turn comes.
  • Search for your ball for no more than 5 minutes and be sure to let the players behind you pass if they repeatedly have to wait.


  • Stay on the paths and cross the fairways at 90 degrees to reach your ball.
  • Maintain a distance of at least 30 yards away from the greens when you are in the cart.


  • Repair ball marks on the greens.
  • Be careful not to trample on other players' putt lines.
  • Replace the flag as you leave the green.
  • Avoid writing down your scores while still on the green. Wait until the next tee-off instead.
  • Leave the green as soon as your group has finished playing.


For the pleasure of all golfers, Le Mirage will take the necessary steps to maintain the playing time under 4 hours and 20 minutes. All golfers who do not respect this rule will be warned and may be penalized.

Dress code


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