Graham Cooke


The first time I experienced these fine golf courses was when I was a young man playing in the Canadian Amateur.  I qualified for the match play and, unfortunately, was sent packing after losing my second match to Bob Wiley an Alberta golfing legend.  Little did I know then that Summerlea would soon play a major role in my golfing future.

Starting in 1967 I joined Summerlea.  These two courses (Cascades and Dorion) have changed a lot since 1967 and today they offer a wonderful golfing experience.  There is a touch of magic to the Summerlea experience.  The courses call to you and always help brush away the tensions of life.  Maybe it’s the deep mature forests, or the seclusion of the golf holes.  Many times, I have walked the golf lands alone, enjoying the tranquility, the ever changing colours and the soothing bird songs.  No other course I know puts the golfer so much in touch with nature.  Golfing at Summerlea is as much about a woodsy walk as it is about pars, birdies and bogies.

As a golf experience, Summerlea truly delivers.  The golf courses entertain all and nicely challenge young and old, skilled or beginner golfers.  The golf holes at Summerlea are pleasing to the eye and each hole is like stepping into a picture.  There are no distractions at Summerlea, just the sound of the winds through the high pines and the scolding message from the red squirrels.  This is a memorable course that golfers will want to return to day after day.

No matter how well or how poorly I play, I always feel the day has been rewarding.  There is a real anticipation from the first tee through to the shot into the eighteenth green.  These two courses, for me, have always been special.  As we approach another season I look forward to the challenges, comradery and the chance to play golf in such a magical setting.

Graham Cooke

Golf Course Architect and Summerlea Member



Stéphane Richer


I’ve been a member at Summerlea Golf Club since 2016, and I have to say that I am completely astounded by the whole environment!

Both courses, Cascades & Dorion, are incredible with interesting challenges for the golf player! I often play with my wife, and what I find pleasant, is that she thoroughly enjoys the courses and appreciates the challenges each have to offer.

For those that like nature and tranquility, you will absolutely LOVE Summerlea! We walk the course, and I must say there is nothing better than the scenery Summerlea has to offer, it’s beautiful and peaceful!

Our Friday night buffets are out of this world! The wide variety of foods offered is incredible and delicious, as is the wine selection.

Being a member at Summerlea is a privilege, as much for the golf game as for the distinction and discretion of its members.

Stéphane Richer

Former NHL player



Wally Weir

The following is my testimonial:

Being a former NHL player I’m fortunate to have been invited to some remarkable golf courses over the years but I chose to make Summerlea G&CC my home course in 2000.

Since being a member of Summerlea, my family and I have made some exceptional friends. We now golf, bike, socialize and even travel around the world with some of our fellow members. 

Playing golf at least four times a week with great company is something I look forward to every summer. The friendly staff, impeccable service and great food always brings the day to a fantastic close. 


Wally Weir