Men and Ladies must be suitably attired at all times on the courses and in the golfing areas of the Clubhouse.  The types of men’s and ladies’ attire deemed acceptable by the Board of Directors and the Ladies’ Executive, for all Members and their guests is demonstrated in b. and c. below.  It is important that all guests are made aware of the dress code prior to their arrival at the Club.  The judgment of the Clubhouse and Professional staff shall prevail whenever any attire is in question.


Standard golf clothing for men is considered to be golf slacks or shorts, and a collared shirt, with sweater optional and is further demonstrated as follows:


Golf slacks must be tailored only.  Slacks known as “cargo”, or “rugby”, “adventure”, “carpenter” or “fads” of any description, including jeans, are not permitted.


Golf shorts are permitted but must be regulation Bermuda length, and must be worn with knee-length hose, sockettes or quarter-length socks.  All sportsand athletic socks are not permitted.


Golf shirts must have a collar and be neatly tucked into the golf slacks or golf shorts at all times.   Short sleeve and long sleeve mocks are also accepted. T-shirts are not permitted in the Clubhouse or on the golf courses.


Head attire and/or sandals are prohibited everywhere on the main floor of the Clubhouse.


Standard golf clothing for ladies is considered to be golf slacks, shorts or skirts, and a collared shirt, with sweater optional and is further demonstrated as follows:


Golf slacks must be tailored and ankle-length.  Capri slacks/pants are acceptable.


Golf shorts or skirts are permitted but length must be “below” mid-thigh and “above” the knees.


Golf shirts may be sleeveless but must have a collar.  Alternatively, golf shirts may be collarless but must have sleeves and a high round neckline only.  Scooped necklines of any description are not acceptable.


Golfers must wear regulation soft-spiked golf shoes.  No golf sandals.


Rain suits and wind suits are permitted in inclement weather.


Clothing, hats, caps or visors bearing the logo of an organization not closely related to golf is strongly discouraged and should not be worn in the Clubhouse or on the golf courses.


The above dress regulations apply to Junior Members.


Members are requested to introduce playing guests to the Pro Shop to ensure that the Club’s Dress Code is observed.


For all spectators, who are following any of the Club’s golf matches, the rules of attire, for both men and women, shall prevail, with the wearing of high-heeled shoes prohibited.


Violations of dress regulations are to be reported to Management or the Pro Shop.