Golf: the perfect family activity for this summer

Golf: the perfect family activity for this summer

With the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic requiring us all to change our lifestyle and leisure habits, it can quickly become a challenge to find activities to do with family. Outdoor activities are especially helpful, to help them use up all that built-up energy! Like many, you are probably searching for ideas. Have you thought about playing golf with your family? It’s a fantastic idea for an outdoor activity.

Golf is not only a perfect sport to be in the great outdoors with the family in a large space (even better these days!), but it also helps to instill good lifestyle habits.

Why golf with your family?

Golf is already a sport enjoyed mostly with family or friends since it is usually played in small groups of 2 to 4 people.

Golf is a true benefit for your health

Have fun with the family hitting a few little white balls and spending some quality time outdoors in the heart of nature for a few hours. This is a great opportunity to talk, joke, laugh, have fun with your family, and create special moments, family stories and lasting memories.

Take the opportunity to walk the course, get some fresh air, change your mind and lower your stress level. In addition, an outdoor activity such as golf will allow young people to increase their level of concentration.

Regular golfing also has beneficial effects on your kids’ health because it allows, among other things, to reduce the risk of diabetes (which affects kids more and more these days) and promotes excellent physical development by strengthening muscles, including stabilizers, and improving the coordination of movements.

Golf contributes to the good development of young people

On top of it all, good golf practice allows children to develop fundamental values such as self-control (by learning to deal with good, bad shots and challenges throughout the game), resilience, hard work, honesty, concentration, respect for rules, for oneself and for others, etc.

How to introduce your child to golf?

Golf is competitive, demanding, but also fun and enjoyable.

Just start by giving him or her a few practice shots on a driving range, then he can have fun and get used to the swing. Then practice on 9-hole courses or par-3 courses that are shorter and often less demanding. And you can always have them start the hole at the 150-yard or 100-yard marker instead of on the normal tee area…keep in mind the goal is to make the game fun and help them build confidence.

It goes without saying, make sure they are properly dressed with well-fitting gear and clothing: this will encourage them to practice regularly.

You can also enroll them in golf lessons taught by professional golfers so that they can acquire good technique right out of the starting gate.

At Summerlea Golf Club, we offer an elite junior education and development program in a fun environment. In addition, we offer a family package so that you can share the golf experience with the youngest members of your family. And don’t forget our fabulous swimming pool to also enjoy with those in your family who aren’t golfers. Contact us for more details and to come and play family golf this summer on our excellent courses.

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