Mental preparation to perform (and have fun) with golf

Mental preparation to perform (and have fun) with golf

Today, a person's mental and psychological preparation is widely known to influence their performance in all sports but even applies in stressful situations such as public speaking.

Good mental preparation can increase and stimulate the technical, tactical and physical performance of professional and amateur athletes. This is especially true for golf, which requires great mental strength to properly deal with the unforeseen events of a game. Indeed, the importance of the mind is no longer a questioned asset in the sport of golf.

How to prepare mentally?

There are many techniques for controlling the golfer's mind during a round, allowing full potential and thus improved performance. Here are a few tips :

Have fun playing

This is one of the main elements of success! Be happy and satisfied to be playing your favorite sport and doing your best…the results will inevitably follow. Don't take yourself too seriously, put your pride aside, and don't put too much pressure on yourself or it will ruin your enjoyment of playing. Never lose sight of the fact that your primary goal is to play golf for fun so savor every moment.

Focus on the positive

To perform, you must learn to let go of your negative counterproductive thoughts and to focus only on the positive aspects of your game throughout your round. Learn to create a positive “inner voice” and it will help you stay motivated and enjoy playing.

Set realistic goals

Accept that making mistakes, bad shots and losing matches is part of the improvement process. Set yourself clear objectives, aligned properly with your abilities, such as finding the positive even when you miss a shot or setting an actual number of mistakes that you allow yourself in your round.  If you’re a 15 handicap, allow yourself 15 mistakes!  Then when you make a mistake, it is allowed and expected and it doesn’t ruin your enjoyment nor put stress on your day.  It will allow for a better performance overall.

Focus on the present moment

Reduce stress by staying focused on the present moment when it's your turn to play. Don’t think about past bad shots, your desired score on the hole, or your next shot…stay absorbed only on the stroke to be played. The rest of the time, talk with your golf partners, admire the beautiful surroundings and relax your mind and spirit.

Develop mental imagery

Mental visualization, also known as mental imagery (of the path and trajectory of the ball), is a technique widely used to increase athletic performance. Your body will follow the message from your brain about what should be accomplished. So by visualizing the trajectory of your ball and where it should land, it will actually help you realize the shot.

Have a pre-shot routine

Creating a pre-shot routine allows you to focus and execute your shot without over-thinking. Your routine should always include a quick moment of positive mental visualization (described above).  Following a consistent routine helps prevent negative thoughts and promotes a fluid and stress-free swing.

At the Summerlea Golf and Country Club

We offer a pleasant golf experience for players of all levels with two exceptional 18-hole courses from which you can enjoy incredible landscapes.

At Summerlea, have fun playing your favorite sport and benefit from mental preparation advice from our associated professionals.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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