Junior Golf : Portrait of our athletes

Junior Golf : Portrait of our athletes

The Summerlea Golf Club offers an exceptional golf experience with its 36 championship-level holes in an enchanting setting. But that's not all! Summerlea also provides the pleasure of playing golf with the family and sharing memories with your children. 

Give your youngsters the benefit of a high quality junior program by enrolling them in as a Junior golfer at Summerlea. Our elite golf educational program allows juniors to develop in a pleasant and stress-free environment.

Our club is proud of many junior athletes that continue to excel with their golf.

Discover the portrait of several promising young people

Malik Dao, golf junior SummerleaMalik Dao

Malik started playing golf at a young age by following his father, an avid golfer, to the driving range. He progressed by joining Summerlea’s Junior Golfer program and improved quickly.

He has accumulated tournaments and awards including (most recently) 1st place at the 2020 Men's Provincial Amateur Championship, 1st at the 2019 Future Links Atlantic Championship and 1st at the 2019 Quebec Junior Match Play Championship.

Malik is a member of Team Golf Canada’s junior boys roster, so he could potentially compete in the next Olympics.

Secret! :  To identify his golf balls, Malik draws a line on them to help him line up. When he experiences a poor performance, he superstitiously changes the color of his line!

Céleste Dao, golf junior SummerleaCéleste Dao

Céleste is Malik Dao's big sister. She started playing golf around 3½ years old, hitting balls in the garage with her father. A member of the Summerlea Junior Elite program, she started competing with the boys around the age of 8. Motivated and determined, she participates and wins many women’s tournaments.

Now 19, Céleste is already playing in the big leagues, having been invited for the second time this year to the U.S. Women's Amateur 2020 tournament in the United States.

Inside info! :  For luck, she always keeps a pink Pinnacle in her golf bag. As well, at tournaments, she always hits her last practice shot with a 58 degree wedge.

Mathieu Lafontaine golf junior SummerleaMathieu Lafontaine

Mathieu started playing golf at the age of 7 and joined our junior program as soon as he could, which improved his skills. He participated in his first tournament at 11 years old. Extremely motivated, he plays golf constantly.  For Mathieu, golf is a way of life!

Mathieu reached the final of the 2020 Quebec Match-Play Junior Championship and was also previously named the 2019 PING Junior Match Play Canadian Champion for the Junior Boys (U19) Division. In 2018, he ranked 4th in Quebec’s Bantam category.

Other names to keep your eye on

Christopher Vandette

Christopher was introduced to golf at a very young age by his father, Golf Club Professional Jim Vandette. He mainly participates in provincial and national tournaments, but also a few international events. 

Secret! : Christopher always marks his ball the same way and with a purple or pink pencil.

Logan Boucher

Logan started playing golf around the age of 2!  At 6 years old, he played his first 9-holes with his proud Mom, Michele.  A junior member at Summerlea since 2012, he continues to develop as a player and participate in provincial and national tournaments.


Enroll your child in the Summerlea Junior Golfer program to develop their passion and skills for golf.


Information Source : Golf Canada

Please note that the header photo of this article is from 2019, since it was not possible for us to take group photos of our juniors in 2020, given the measures related to Covid-19

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