Green's Department

Green's Department

Hello all,

Here are the reports from the Greens Department in what will be a regular monthly report available on our clubs website. We will be addressing course conditions and matters of interest regarding the golf course utilizing this feature of our new website. These will aim to keep you up to date with what the Greens Department is either planning or currently completing.


It’s that time of year again, the days are getting shorter, the younger staff is all going back to school, and the temperatures a little cooler. We had our first frost on Saturday, September 3rd, it was very light but visible in the rough in sheltered areas.

With the cooling of temperatures comes the inevitable slowing of grass growth. The Greens Department is carrying on as normal with our mowing schedules and will continue to do so until late September when the grass slows down further, at this point we will start to stretch the intervals between cuts on the rough, tees and fairways. With the slowing growth it is important that we take as much care as possible of our golf course. We need to be fixing divots and ball marks; and avoid driving through wet areas. Any damage made to the course will take longer to heal the closer we get to winter.

We will also start to see the leaves falling off the trees. Over the winter, we purchased a new blower and a tractor pulled vacuum. These two pieces of equipment will help to clean up the mess created by the leaves dropping from the trees and allow us to do so in a more time efficient manner. 

When you see these implements out on the course, please be mindful that the staff have 27 holes to try and keep clean. They will not be stopping for every group. They will however, be trying to avoid interrupting play as much as possible while trying to give you the best conditions for play.

With regards to trees, we had an arborist come in for a couple of days at the end of August. During this time, he trimmed up dead branches down fence lines as well as trimming the tree lines on 1 and 2 WEST, as well as 9 SOUTH, resulting in a wider driving zone. The plan going forward is to have him come back a few times a year and have him work his way round the course trimming trees to make tee shots a little easier.

Thank you for taking the time and enjoy a great fall season.

Dave Mahoney
Your Superintendant