Course Improvement Project

Ocotber 15, 2019 

The Renovation Committee met on October 10th and the narrative below presents the results of this meeting and the suggested change in direction has the full support of the Committee.
In the last Board meeting, one of the topics was the work to be completed this fall on the 18th green.  While we already have sent a rationale for this work, new events have transpired to indicate that we should adjust what we had intended to do. 
These events include:

  • This fall’s work commenced a week later than initially planned (due to contractors' availability);
  • Work on hole #12 has proceeded slower than anticipated (no budget implications); and,
  • The planned expansion of the 18th green at a later date than anticipated could result in the work not being completed in sufficient time to allow proper grow in e.g. similar problems that occurred with last fall’s work on hole #9;

As a result of these events, this fall we will reduce the scope of the work on 18, eliminating the work on the 18th green.
Instead, we will renovate the existing fairway bunker and build the new fairway bunker on the right side of the fairway, all in accordance with the existing plan. 
The 13th hole will be renovated as planned (bunker renovation).  This work can be accomplished within the budget currently available. 
The practice bunker will be renovated in the spring at the same time as renovation to the 18th green complex.
This change in direction has advantages.

 As previously stated, the renovation of the 18th green complex was a last-minute addition to this fall’s work plan.  As a consequence, the master plan for the 18th hole was not completely vetted by the Renovation Committee; this is not our normal and agreed-upon process. 

Focusing only on the fairway bunkers this fall will allow the architect and the Committee to fully consider all options for renovation of this green complex.

The new bunkers will provide a context for the work on the green complex in that the view from the tee will better frame the entire hole.

As well, this will allow better communication with both the Board and the membership to ensure this work meets the expectations of the majority of our members.  The 18th hole is one of our signature holes and provides the last impression of our golf course. 
It is very important that we get any changes right the first time and this delay (work to be completed in the spring) provide our best opportunity to do so.

The Improvement Committee


Information on Phase 1 of the Course Improvement Project, which is scheduled to start on October 1, 2018, is available here:

Course Improvement project - Phase 1

Press Release - Course Improvement

This document includes goals of the project, information on sequencing and approximate timelines, our plan to minimize course disruption, tree management goals, cost and a description of the improvements that will be made to holes 4, 9, 10, 12 and 13 during Phase 1.
If you have any questions or comments regarding Phase 1 of the Course Improvement Project, please submit them via email to the Course Improvement Committee at