Who can join?

Active & Former Military Personnel

their spouses and dependents (with or without their military member) are entitled to:

  • Immediate membership at Hylands Golf Club ;
  • A very competitive annual membership fee; and,
  • NO entrance fee

For military members who are posted to, or out of, the National Capital Region during the golfing season, the membership fees are pro-rated.


Non-military golfers

Ordinary Category

  • DND Public Service employees, staff of NPF/CFPSA and their full time contractors (for the period of their contract);
  • Former DND Public Service employees and former staff of NPF/CFPSA receiving a pension on behalf of that service;
  • Serving and former members of the RCMP;
  • Members of the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires, or other security forces when employed at a CF location;
  • Staff of the C/MFRC

Associate Category
Any person not specified in paragraphs above may be invited to become an Associate member of Hylands.

Annual Membeship Dues

New Member Entry Fees