Rules and Regulations

Regulation of Play

The contents of this document will be effective at the beginning of the 2005 golf season to ensure the enjoyment of play by every member.

The following regulations are set forth so that each member may fully comprehend the requirements to play the golf course in 4 hours 18 minutes, which includes a stop at the canteen:

  • The starting times provided should be respected unless the member has given at least two hours notice of his/her intention not to play.
  • All players are obliged to report to the Starter 10 minutes before his/her scheduled tee time in order to retain the tee-off time.
  • The speed of play throughout an entire round will be monitored by the Marshall(s). A group or individual guilty of falling behind the allotted time by more than two minutes will be advised and be expected to make up any lost time within the next two holes.
  • If the group fails to make up the time lost in #3 above and also falls behind by one complete hole, the Marshall will ask the group to pick up and proceed to the next tee.
  • Players who fail to complete the first nine holes within the allotted time of 2 hours 6 minutes will have reduced time for the canteen.
  • Players who fail to present themselves at the 10th tee in 2 hours 13 minutes will result in loss of position.
  • These regulations apply to all play, including competitions such as Match Play, Twilight, Sunshine Boys, Ladies Day, Club Championship, etc., where the two-stroke penalty rule Will also be applied.
  • All other regulations, including the dress code, courtesy throughout play, soft spikes, replacing divots, using soil provided in containers at the tees to repair damaged sod, fixing ball marks on the greens, etc. continue to apply.

All members will be expected to do whatever is required in order to adhere to these regulations. Any unwillingness to comply will be promptly dealt with by the Golf Disciplinary Committee.

Dress Code on Club Property

The purpose of these rules is to provide guidance to members in matters of dress appropriate to the decorum of the club. It is the responsibility of every member, including juniors, to ensure that he or she is fully conversant with and complies with the rules of dress both on and of the course. Members are likewise responsible for ensuring the dress of their guests is fully in accordance with the rules.

Members or guests who are not in compliance with the rules of dress may be asked to change into dress more appropriate or, failing to do so, to leave Club premises.

Suitable dress is required on Club premises at all times. The following items are prohibited:

  • Any type of jeans.
  • Rugby, sweat or jogging pants or shorts.
  • T-shirts, muscle shirts, scoop neck T-shirts or tank tops.
  • Hats or visors in the dining room.

Complaints concerning attire are to be brought to the attention of the Head Professional or his delegate in relation to attire on the golf course or the Food & Beverage Manager or his/her delegate in relation to attire in the dining facilities.

Any one of the above may speak to a member about an infraction. A member shall not bring a dress infraction to the attention of another member.

Cancellation of Tee Times

Member Cancellations

Any member with a booked tee time must cancel at least two hours in advance of tee time. If tee time is before 9 a.m. the cancellation must be made by 7 p.m. the evening preceding. (Exceptions made only under special circumstances)

Penalties for not following these rules will be as follows:

  • First offence: Written warning (form signed by Pro)
  • Second offence: Can only book a time after noon for succeeding seven days
  • Third offence: Can only book a time after noon for following four weeks

If the original tee time was already for after noon, the penalty is that the member will receive one warning and then on second offence, not be able to reserve a tee time until after 2 p.m. for succeeding seven days and if repeated, not until after 2 p.m. for following four weeks.

Guest Cancellations

Members should only book tee times for the actual number of guests they plan to bring to the Club. Cancellations of guest tee times must be made at least two hours in advance of the tee time. If the tee time is before 9 a.m. then cancellation must be made by 7 p.m. the evening preceding.

If this cancellation policy is not followed, the member will receive one written warning and on the second offence and any further infractions will be charged for all guests that were booked and did not play.

NOTE: These rules apply seven days a week and will be strictly enforced.

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