Guest Information


The Hamilton Golf & Country Club is a special place where membership is privilege, extended to women and gentlemen who have pride in their club and show respect for it and fellow members.  We look forward to welcoming you as a guest at our club. The following information is intended to make your time at the club truly enjoyable. The club expects all members and their guests to adhere to the following standards befitting a fine private club. If you have any questions either before or during your visit, please ask your host, or contact the club at 905-648-4471, and speak to main reception.


Certain areas in the club have different dress codes. These are divided into:

  1. Golfing areas: golf courses (including short course), range, practice area and putting      
  2. Clubhouse: a) Upper level clubhouse:  Great Hall, Main Dining room, Upper 

                                                              Lounges/rooms and Board Room

b) Lower level clubhouse:  Men’s and Women’s Solariums, Mixed Lounge,

                                                             Grill Room and their patios

1.Golfing areas dress code:

Golf attire should be neat, tailored and consistent with the standards of the club and traditions of the game of golf.

Gentlemen and Junior Boys

  • Slacks must be tailored, pressed and non-faded, Rugger, cargo pants or track suits are not permitted.
  • Golf shorts must be tailored and knee length.
  • Denim is not permitted.
  • Proper golf footwear (soft spikes and spikeless) are to be worn always (no street shoes or sandals). Running shoes may be worn with permission from the Professional Shop for health/medical issues.
  • Shirts with a collar, mock turtle and turtlenecks are accepted.
  • All shirts must be tucked in always.
  • Golf related logos only on all garments. No sport team or corporate logos
  • Caps and visors may not be worn backwards, and must be removed upon entrance to the clubhouse.

Women and Junior Girls

  • Slacks (including Capri pants) must be tailored and pressed. Sweat-suits, yoga and cargo pants are not permitted.
  • Denim is not permitted.
  • Shorts, skirts and skorts must be of conservative length (not above mid-thigh).
  • Tops must have a collar and/or sleeves. They must be tucked in, except those tailored to be worn out.
  • Soft spikes and spikeless golf shoes must be worn on the golf course.
  • Running shoes may be worn with permission from the Professional Shop for health/medical issues.
  • Golf sandals without socks are allowed on the course.

2.a) Upper level of clubhouse dress code:

The upper level of the Clubhouse is meant to provide a more formal area of the Club, adhering to the traditional values and rich history of a club originating in 1894.

Gentlemen and Junior Boys

  • Jacket and tie.  exception; boys under 13 do not require a jacket.

Women and Junior Girls

  •  Comparable attire.

Note: Upper level of clubhouse dress codes may change according to various events.  

          Exceptions will be noted in the event announcement.

2.b) Lower level clubhouse dress code:

The lower level of the clubhouse is meant to provide a less formal, more casual ambiance, where casual après-golf activity can occur, but also catering to more upscale lounging/dining in the grill room, mixed lounge and patios. 

Gentlemen and Junior Boys

  • All golfing areas dress codes are acceptable.
  • Fashionable denim trousers (no denim shorts) are permitted in lower levels of clubhouse.  Denim must not have tears, be faded or be work pants.
  • Denim shirts or jackets are not permitted.
  • Fashionable sport/casual shirts may be worn untucked in lower levels of the clubhouse.
  • Golf shirts and dress shirts must be tucked in always.
  • Fashionable sandals with covered toes may be worn in the lower levels of clubhouse. No flip flops are permitted.
  • Gentlemen may wear shoes without socks in the lower levels of clubhouse.
  • Socks should be knee length, ankle length or low cut sockettes.

Women and Junior Girls

  • All golfing areas dress codes are acceptable.
  • Fashionable denim trousers are permitted in lower levels of clubhouse.  Denim must not have tears, be faded or be work pants.
  • Denim shirts, shorts, dresses or jackets are not permitted.
  • No tank or halter tops, low necklines or bare midriffs.
  • No spandex.
  • No corporate or sport team related logos on clothing.
  • Golf sandals and dress sandals are permitted in the clubhouse. No flip-flops.

For a pictorial explanation of the club's dress code please CLICK HERE.


The Hamilton Golf and Country Club provides in-house wi-fi for the convenience of our members and their guests. Texting and E-mail function of devices is permitted throughout the facility.

The “phone” function of cellular devices is prohibited in all social spaces and shared areas of the clubhouse, including all terraces. They may be used in the locker rooms, club offices inside booked meeting rooms during business or committee meetings. They may be used in the parking lot.

Members are encouraged to carry their cellular phones in a silent/vibrate position, in case of emergency, while on club property.


As per provincial regulations, smoking is prohibited anywhere inside the clubhouse and outdoor patios. Please use appropriate disposal units to keep our grounds and golf course free and clean of debris.


Guests may use the, “Member for a Day” program, to purchase; greens fees, merchandise and accessories in the Professional Shop, as well as, for all food and beverage purchases, with a credit card. Otherwise, members are expected to put the purchase of guest rounds and all food and beverage, in and out of the clubhouse (half way houses) on their chits/accounts. Guests, who are members at other clubs, are welcome to sign back all purchases to their home clubs.


Tipping of Back Shop staff, caddies and Food & Beverage staff is permitted at the discretion of the member or their guests.


Hamilton Golf and Country Club is a walking course with a strong caddie program. Pace of play is essential to the enjoyment of all.  If you require a golf cart, your host will make the necessary arrangements. If you are driving a cart, please follow all directional signs and use cart paths when designated to do so. Properly raked bunkers are essential to the playability of HGCC. Even if you are playing a late afternoon or evening round, please rake the bunkers. By adhering to these important matters, we believe everyone's HGCC golfing experience will be enhanced.

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