Dress Regulations

Dress Regulations


  1. The attire and decorum of members and their guests should reflect respect and consideration for fellow members and for Elm Ridge traditions.
  2. Sweat suits, jogging suits, leggings, tights, bicycle shorts, tank tops, halter tops and untailored pants are NOT permitted.
  3. Nylon warm up suits are acceptable in inclement weather only.
  4. Blue denim for ladies is NOT permitted (see exceptions (f) and (g) below).
  5. Denim of any colour for gentlemen is NOT permitted (see exceptions (f) and (g) below).
  6. Blue jeans are permitted between the parking lot and locker rooms.
  7. "Dressy" denim (including blue jeans, but not torn) is permitted on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays (as defined herein). NO DENIM on the golf course or dining room or at organized social events that fall on Saturday or Sunday, unless specified otherwise.
  8. T-shirts or sleeveless shirts for gentlemen are NOT permitted.
  9. Collarless dress shirts and sweat shirts are permitted for gentlemen.
  10. All caps must have peaks facing forward.
  11. Golf shirts for gentlemen must be tucked in.
  12. Sandals for gentlemen are only permitted at the swimming pool facilities and locker rooms.
  13. Metal or ceramic spiked golf shoes may NOT be worn.


  1. Gentlemen must remove their hats and visors when inside the Grill, Dining Room and Lounge areas.
  2. Pool attire is NOT permitted.
  3. For all Club Events, the standard dress is casual chic unless otherwise announced.
  4. For gentlemen casual chic attire shall include collarless dress shirts, sport shirts and tailored slacks. Dress and sport shirts may be worn not-tucked-in. Jackets are NOT required.
  5. Shorts, T-shirts, golf shirts and sweatshirts are NOT permitted in the dining room, however, golf attire is permitted in the Lounge.
  6. Golf attire is NOT permitted at Le Club in the Dining Room, however, it is permitted in the Lounge.
  7. Golf attire and "dressy" denim are permitted on Sunday and Holiday Barbeque evenings.


(includes practice tees and practice putting greens)

  1. Golf attire (including caps) should NOT bear any form of team or other logo other than golf related.
  2. Clothing purchased at the Elm Ridge Pro Shop shall be deemed appropriate.
  3. Recognized golf attire shall be permitted.
  4. Cargo pants and cargo shorts are NOT permitted.

(y) All golf skirts & shorts must be no higher than mid-thigh.

(z) Golf shirts not tucked in must fall a minimum of 2" below the waistband of the lower garment.

(aa) No tank tops or halter tops.


(bb) Shirts must have a collar and sleeves, however, mock turtle-neck shirts are permitted.

(cc) Shirts must be tucked in.

(dd) Shorts must be no more than 3" above the knee.

(ee) Socks or sockettes are permitted.

The staff has been instructed to, and will strictly, enforce this dress code. The Board of Directors has authorized them to ask any member and/or guest to leave the Club premises should they be in violation of the dress code. It is the responsibility of each member to inform invited guests of the dress code to avoid any possible embarrassment.



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