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The Courses

Golfers enjoy our pristine and finely manicured fairways and greens with a lineup of competitive and social tournaments throughout the season, while choosing from our two courses: our Main 18-hole Championship Course or the Par 3 Lakeview Nine Course. 

The Main 18 hole, par 72 golf course spans 130 acres of rolling fairways with dazzling views at every turn. Every round of golf ensures to be both challenging yet user friendly and fun for all skill levels. Proudly hosting many prestigious local, national and international golf events over the years.

The Lakeview Nine gives players, families and junior golfers alike a great opportunity to play, learn and practice on this little gem of a course; Also a great choice for those short on time.

Featuring outstanding practice facilities with over twenty stalls, a short game area including a practice fairway and green-side bunkers, alongside two practice putting greens, one of which is perfect for practicing chip and pitch shots. We are excited to now offer the use of two indoor high definition golf simulators and a SAM putting lab to keep your game strong even in the off season. Earl Grey also boasts one of the best junior programs in the city for both up and coming competitive and beginner casual players.

Additionally we offer corporate tournament opportunities along with customized corporate products.

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2019 Yardages

Par 72
Black 7041
Black/Blue 6687
Blue 6457
Blue/White 6140
White 5863
White/Gold 5496




 Family/Gold  4733

Golf Instruction

Private Lessons

Private lessons are devoted to improving the student's game through fundamental development. The Instructor will tailor the lesson to meet individual needs and goals.

  • 30 minute lesson - $75
  • 60 minute lesson - $130
HD Golf Simulator & SAM PuttLab Lessons

Each lesson can include:

High Speed Video Analysis
Body Track Pressure Sensing Technology
State of the Art - Ball Flight and Swing Path Analysis
Written Review Notes by your PGA of Canada Instructor

  • 1 hour - $150
Semi Private Lessons

Semi-private lessons are 60 minutes in length and designed for 2 or 3 students looking to learn in a group environment.

  • $70/$60 per student (2/3 students)
Flightscope Analysis

Add the advantage of Flightscope 3D Doppler Radar technology to a private 60 minute lesson. Provides ball flight & club dynamic analysis.

  • 1 hour - $150
Playing Lessons

Playing lessons will focus on the students course management, strategy and mental focus during play. The Instructor and the student will summarize & develop an on course action plan to improve performance and results.

  • 9 Holes on Main Course - $200
  • 9 Holes on Lakeview - $125

Junior Golf Program

Earl Grey Golf Club will have a limited number of Sponsored Junior Memberships available for the 2020 golf season.

For more information or to apply, please contact Carl Penfold, Head Golf Professional.

Coaching Program

Customize your coaching program! Pick from a list of components to create your own personalized program. Create your own package or work with one of our Instructors to build a package personalized to your specific needs.

 Free 30 minute consultation with the purchase of a coaching package. Minimum (5) items per package.

Full Swing

- Technical lesson to help improve your full swing

- Video analysis

- Learn to hit it farther

- Written review notes by email including drills to help improve

Short Game

- Technical lesson to help improve pitching, bunker play, chipping or putting

- Video analysis

- Improve your feel for short game shots

- Learn to read greens

- How to handle different lies around the green

- Written review notes by email including drills to help improve

Practice Management

- 30 day guide including what drills to practice, how many reps per drill, how often to practice each week

- Includes 30 min supervised practice session to demonstrate drills

- Submission of information

- Written review notes by email including drills to help improve

$120 / 30 day plan
Playing Lesson

- 9 holes of play on the main course supervised by your instructor

- Learn better course management

- Risk vs reward

- How to deal with uneven lies

- Rough vs fairway

- The art of recovery

- Written review notes by email including drills to help improve

$180 - 9 holes (2 hours)
Tournament Preparation

- Periodization Training

- How to practice approaching the event

- How much to play leading into an event

- Games to play

- How to maximize the effectiveness of your practice round

- 30 minute game and drill demonstration

- Written review notes by email including drills to help improve

$120 / Tournament

Flightscope Analysis

- Equipment Evaluation

- Ball flight Analysis

- Get help determining if you are getting the most out of your clubs

- Find out which ball is correct for you

- How to gap your clubs properly and if there are any clubs we can remove or add to improve performance

- Written review notes by email including drills to help improve

Statistical Analysis

Get help analyzing your game to target areas that need improvement

- Track improvement across all parts of your game

- 9 holes with professional tracking

- Flightscope combine

- Written statistical breakdown / review notes

$240 - 9 holes (2 hours)

Example Coaching Packages

Package 1
- 2x 1 hour Full Swing

- 2x 1 hour Short Game

- 1x 9 hole Playing Lesson

***includes 30 min consultation***

Package 2

- 1x 30 Day Practice Management Plan

- 2x 1 hour Full Swing

- 2x 1 hour Short Game

- 1x 9 hole Playing Lesson

***includes 30 min consultation***

Package 3

- 1x Tournament Prep

- 3x 1 hour Full Swing

- 2x 1 hour Short Game

- 1x 9 hole Playing Lesson

- 1x Statistical Analysis

***includes 30 min consultation***


Meet the Professionals

Carl Penfold
Carl PenfoldHead Professional
Jordie Weich
Jordie WeichAssociate Professional
Matt Seifert
Matt SeifertAssociate Professional
Pat Wilmot
Pat WilmotAssociate Professional
Scott Stiles
Scott StilesTeaching Professional
Jennifer MacKinnon
Jennifer MacKinnonApprentice Professional
Will Manarey
Will ManareyApprentice Professional

Lightning Safety

The Thor-Guard Lightning Prediction and Warning System is in place to provide increased safety to all golfers in all outdoor areas of the grounds when the occurrence of lightning is predicted.

When lightning is imminent you will be warned by ONE prolonged horn blast; RED ALERT.  The Board of Directors STRONGLY RECOMMENDS that all members and guests immediately suspend play or practice and seek shelter in the Clubhouse, Pro-Shop, Half-Way House or at any of the lightning rod protected shelters on the golf course.  Avoid open areas, water, tall trees, metal fences, overhead wires & power lines, elevated ground, golf power carts, mowers, cell phones and radios.

During a RED ALERT you are not permitted to tee-off the 1st or 10th tees.  Staff are not permitted in any outdoor areas of the grounds under any circumstance.

When THREE short horn blasts are sounded; ALL CLEAR, you may resume and/or start play or practice.

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